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Dangers of FLT Supervision ‘Complacency Creep’

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ARE YOUR SAFE OPERATION STANDARDS AT RISK? Mentor, the UK’s leading provider of lift truck training, is warning managers and supervisors of the costly dangers resulting from ‘complacency creep’: that decline in standards of safe operation which results from insufficient supervision. It’s a common occurrence, according to Mentor’s managing director, Stuart Taylor, due to the often repetitive nature of tasks carried out by forklift operators. And even the best-trained and most safety-conscious teams are at risk if managers and supervisors aren’t equipped to pro actively encourage best practice. He explains: “When managers don’t recognise or take action to rectify bad practice, it Read More

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Training and Segregation at the Heart of Traffic Management in the Industrial Workplace by Matthew Parkinson What is the most dangerous vehicle in the UK workplace? Is it those heavy duty, 500-horsepower HGVs, backing into loading bays on poorly-managed forecourts? What about those busy, buzzy white vans containing dizzy, fizzy white van men? Or maybe it’s the commuting cars, piling through the morning rush hours into stacked and over-spilling parking bays? All wrong. In fact, the most dangerous piece of transport in the workplace injures more people than all the aforementioned modes of transport combined. Last year, more than 800 Read More

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5 Basic Workplace Rules for Forklift Operators Forklift operators need to remember specific rules for safety while they are working, reports Toyota-Lift of Minnesota. Some may be more important in your workplace and you may know of some others that are only necessary where you work. In either case, supervisors need to know all the rules to help forklift operators stay safe. Remember, while your operator’s manual is a great source of forklift information, it is not a training manual for new operators. Lift trucks are so much different than cars that even experienced automobile drivers need formal training, and OSHA requires it! Read More

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Frailties in a Supply Chain can Damage a Company’s Reputation It’s no understatement to say that the revelations about The Fawcett Society’s supply chain in November 2014 were brand shattering. Its campaign for equal pay for women had begun to get traction thanks to its eye catching ‘This is what a Feminist looks like’ t-shirt. Politicians and celebrities alike were proudly photographed wearing it, until it was revealed that the t-shirts were being made in a Mauritian sweat shop where the female workers were being paid 62p an hour. This is not an isolated incident and it isn’t just a Read More


Simple Steps to Reduce Workplace Fatalities and Illness In 2013, the HSE enforced 10,119 notices in England and Wales, reports David Cant of Veritas Consulting. The average penalty charged? £15,153. And the total cost of injuries and ill health across the UK – an estimated £14.2 billion. But Health & Safety failure has more than just a financial price. For instance, just how much time do we lose across the UK due to workplace illness and injury? 2013’s grand total? A whopping 28.2 million days. And the cost of failure can be even more serious. There are over 13,000 deaths each year Read More