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Although a tool falling from any height is a problem, when it falls several hundred feet, equipment and personnel below are in considerable danger. The worker who dropped the tool endangers everything and everyone below him. It is a site safety issue. Even a screwdriver that hits someone after being dropped just ten feet is going to cause serious injury. A larger, free-falling tool, such as a cordless drill, could kill someone. That injured employee is going to cost his company money in lost productivity, workmen’s compensation claims, medical bills and, depending on the circumstances, the possibility of a lawsuit. Read More

Health and Safety Tips for 2016

Tips For Avoiding Health and Safety Fines In 2016;

Useful Advice to Prevent H&S Fines by Charles Willis With large fines coming into force from February 2016, a clear message has been sent to businesses about the importance of health and safety in the workplace – emphasised by a £10m figure for fines relating to the most serious offences. The new legislation – part of the Health and Safety Offences, Corporate Manslaughter and Food Safety and Hygiene Offences Definitive Guideline – comes as a result of concerns that penalties imposed for health and safety offences were set too low previously and sentencing was frequently inconsistent. The Extent Of 2016’s Health Read More

Forklift - Operations

Dangers of FLT Supervision ‘Complacency Creep’;

ARE YOUR SAFE OPERATION STANDARDS AT RISK? Mentor, the UK’s leading provider of lift truck training, is warning managers and supervisors of the costly dangers resulting from ‘complacency creep’: that decline in standards of safe operation which results from insufficient supervision. It’s a common occurrence, according to Mentor’s managing director, Stuart Taylor, due to the often repetitive nature of tasks carried out by forklift operators. And even the best-trained and most safety-conscious teams are at risk if managers and supervisors aren’t equipped to pro actively encourage best practice. He explains: “When managers don’t recognise or take action to rectify bad practice, it Read More